Clogged gutters cause trouble for your home. Put cleaning your gutters on your home maintenance to-do list at least twice a year. Use these 5 tips to clean gutters safely and effectively.

Clean Gutters Following These Steps

1. Gather Your Gear

If you are planning to clean the gutters yourself, you’ll need the right gear to do it safely. When searching for the best tips to clean gutters, you’ll find that experts recommend gathering a ladder, non-slip shoes, heavy gloves, a gutter scoop, and a bucket. Next, check the stability of your ladder before using it.

2. Clean Your Gutters With a Ladder

A ladder is usually necessary to reach your gutters. Climb the ladder and start cleaning at chest height as you face towards the house. Scoop the debris out of the gutters that you can reach safely, then climb down the ladder and move it over. Never lean too far away from the ladder. Cleaning the gutters from a ladder is safer than sitting on the roof and leaning over the gutters.

3. Check Your Gutters’ Downspouts and Elbows

When cleaning your gutters, don’t forget to check the elbows and downspouts. Detach the elbows with a screwdriver if they have stubborn clogs. If there is a buildup of debris in the top of the downspout, scoop it out with your hands.

4. Flush the Gutters With a Hose

After scooping out the gutters, rinse them with a hose or pressure washer. By spraying water through your gutters, you’ll be able to identify if any additional areas need to be unclogged. The water should flow freely if all the clogs are removed. You’ll notice if there are any cracks or holes in your gutters because the water will leak out.

5. Hire a Professional

If you’re not able to clean your gutters on your own, hire a gutter cleaning company. If you aren’t comfortable on a ladder, it is worth it to hire a professional. Remember to schedule a cleaning twice a year to keep your gutters working well.

Gutters play an important role for your home. Make sure they can do their job properly by keeping them clean. Use these 5 tips to maintain your gutters every year.

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