Selling a home be an exciting and overwhelming experience. As a seller, you want to be informed and prepared every step of the way. An inspection is an important part of the process. Here are some tips to help you prepare for a home inspection.

What to Expect From a Home Inspection

For an average house, expect the inspection to take a few hours. Plan to be out of the house to allow the inspector to complete the job. The home inspector will examine every visible and accessible aspect of the home including the roofing, plumbing, electrical system, and foundation. He or she will inspect appliances and electrical outlets and look for safety concerns.

Clean Your Home to Prepare for an Inspection

Cleanliness improves the aesthetic of the home, and because the buyer and his or her agent will show up with the inspector, it pays off to have a tidy and inviting house. A neat and clutter-free home also makes it easier for the inspector to perform their job.

Make Sure Utilities are On

Prepare for a home inspection by making sure the electricity, water, gas, and all other utilities are on. If the utilities are off, the inspector won’t be able to perform a thorough inspection and identify certain issues. The inspection process and home sale may be delayed.

Replace Batteries and Lightbulbs

Test the smoke detectors to make sure they’re working and replace the batteries as needed. Replace any blown-out bulbs so the inspector can verify the light fixture is functioning properly. Small details can slow the inspection process and are easy fixes to make ahead of time. If a light doesn’t turn on, the inspector will note that he or she was unable to test the fixture. This doesn’t look great in a home inspection report.

Make Repairs to Prepare for a Home Inspection

Make repairs you have been putting off. Even minor issues should be fixed. Prepare for the home inspection by tightening stair rails, repairing the leaking toilet, replacing the missing cabinet handle, and fixing the sliding glass door that sticks. The fewer repairs noted on the report, the better your property will look to the buyer, and the more smoothly your sale will go.

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