The kitchen is the most often used room in a home. In addition to preparing meals, this is a place for socializing and spending family time. However, not all kitchens are large. Limited space shouldn’t stop you from getting the most out of the room. Here are some tips to save space in a small kitchen.

Save Space in Your Kitchen With Smaller Appliances

Some of the most common kitchen appliances include toasters, coffee makers, blenders, refrigerators, and microwaves. However, fitting all these appliances into a small kitchen may be difficult. Fortunately, many brands manufacture smaller devices that are just as powerful. When shopping for appliances, choose smaller models to save space.

Upgrade the Lighting

Good lighting makes a big difference in a tiny space. There are many ways to make sure your kitchen has enough light. The first one is by opening the blinds or curtains. If the kitchen has no windows, talk to a contractor to see if adding one is an option. You could also add skylights. Natural light will make the room seem more spacious.

Add under-cabinet lighting and install fixtures above workspaces in the kitchen to better illuminate the space.

Use Flexible Storage to Save Space in a Small Kitchen

The biggest problem in a small kitchen is storage. Boost your storage options with some of these flexible storage solutions.

  • Use wall-mounted storage when space is tight because every square inch counts. Mounting shelves, racks, and knife holders on the wall will provide much-needed room. A sturdy bar with s-hooks will create space for hanging kitchen tools.
  • Thin pullout pantries can be tucked away into small spaces. You can also have pullout workspaces, such as chopping boards, built into your countertops.
  • Having cabinets installed up to the ceiling is a great way to make use of the walls and expand storage.
  • Shelves inside cabinets are convenient places to store smaller items. A spice rack can be installed behind the cabinet door.

Single Bowl Sink

Every kitchen needs a proper sink. Basically, your options are a single or double bowl sink. While the latter gives a lot of washing space, it also takes up a lot of counter space. Automated dishwashers have rendered double-bowl sinks not necessary. Choosing a single bowl sink can save up to a foot of counter space.

Remove a Wall

A small kitchen feels cramped. One way of creating more space is by removing the door and taking down a wall. An open floorplan makes the kitchen feel bigger. With no wall dividing the rooms, you can chat with family members or keep an eye on the kids while you cook. In addition to opening up the living spaces, removing a wall improves the kitchen’s lighting.

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