Too much humidity in your home can make the indoor environment uncomfortable. In the summer, humidity makes the home feel warmer. It also contributes to problems with mold, mildew, and allergies. The best way to avoid those problems is to decrease the moisture in the air. Here are 4 steps to reduce humidity in the home.

Air Conditioning Helps Reduce Humidity in the Home

It can be tempting to try to cut energy costs by shutting off the air conditioner. However, your air conditioner helps remove humidity from the air. If it’s running less frequently, the humidity will build up. You may find yourself needing a dehumidifier to remove the excess moisture which still uses electricity.

Moisture Beneath the Home

Whether your home has a crawlspace or a basement, you can reduce humidity by managing moisture underneath the house. A damp basement can be sealed by a professional contractor, reducing leaks and keeping moisture from entering the living space.

In crawlspaces, ventilation and sealing are key. Install or repair the vapor barrier under your house. Intact plastic on the soil below the living spaces will reduce the amount of water that gets through your floor. Make sure that gutters are clean and runoff is directed away from your home. Leave crawlspace vents open to promote good circulation.

Reduce Humidity in the Home With a Dehumidifier

The obvious solution to removing moisture from your home is to operate a dehumidifier. Just be sure you operate within its capacities. A dehumidifier that is too small will run continuously without being effective. Likewise, a unit with an undersized receptacle will shut off quickly and stop fighting moisture.

If possible, set up your dehumidifier where it can drain continuously. Use a hose to direct the water into a nearby floor drain. This will allow the dehumidifier to operate around the clock. If high humidity is a constant issue, install a whole-house dehumidification system.

Make the Home Moisture-Tight

You can reduce humidity at home by checking doors and windows for proper seals. Caulk gaps and cracks and save energy all year. Make sure door sweeps and weatherstripping are in good condition, and if not replace them. Close and latch all windows.

Excess moisture in the home can cause a variety of problems. It’s much easier to keep moisture out than to try to remove it later. To reduce humidity and keep your home comfortable, use a combination of the above strategies.

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