Your home requires proper care and maintenance throughout the year. Spring is one of the most important seasons of the year to work on your property. Here are a few essential tasks to add to your spring outdoor home maintenance checklist.

1. Clean Out the Rain Gutters

 A significant amount of leaves and debris can accumulate in the rain gutters throughout fall and winter. Remove debris from your gutters at the beginning of spring. Clogged rain gutters commonly lead to water collecting around the foundation. Animals also like to nest in gutters that are filled with debris.

2. Spring Outdoor Home Maintenance for Termites

Termites are known for swarming during springtime. They look for a new place to establish a colony and then shed their wings. Look around your home for signs of termites.

These signs include mud tubes along your foundation, piles of wings, and insect droppings. Move dead logs and woodpiles away from your home to prevent termites on your property. Keep wood mulch at least a foot away from your foundation and siding.

3. Inspect the Sprinklers

Spring is also the season when you start watering your lawn again. When coming up with your spring outdoor home maintenance checklist, include tasks for the lawn. Check all of the sprinklers or irrigation systems for cracks and damage. Adjust any heads that are spraying water towards the street, the sidewalks, or your house.

4. Tune-Up the HVAC System

As the weather begins to get warmer, it’s time to give attention to your HVAC system. Hire a professional technician to inspect and clean the AC unit and change the HVAC filter. Servicing your system will improve the airflow in the building and help the AC unit run more efficiently. It’s best to schedule this before the hot days of summer when you’ll need AC most.

5. Fix Window Screens for Spring Outdoor Home Maintenance

The screens and windows will need some maintenance and cleaning as you open them more frequently to let fresh air into the home. Your checklist should include inspecting the screens for holes and tears. You can repair the screen rather than replace it with a DIY screen repair kit.

Develop a spring outdoor home maintenance checklist to prepare your property for the warmer months ahead. You can make a more comfortable property and prevent issues in the days and months ahead.

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